Caledon is a coking coal producer and explorer
in the Bowen Basin of Queensland, Australia.

About Caledon

Caledon is an innovative coal producer and explorer based in the Bowen Basin of Queensland, Australia. As a growing company, Caledon currently owns the operating Cook Colliery and the Minyango Project.

Caledon acquired the Cook Colliery in late 2006 and has recommissioned the operation and introduced an innovative new underground mining methodology.

Caledon also owns the nearby Minyango Project which is expected to commence operations in 2014 to coincide with commissioning of the new Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal. Caledon has a 4Mtpa (million tonnes per annum) allocation of the 27Mtpa first phase of the new terminal which is located next to the existing coal terminal in Gladstone.

Caledon promotes a ‘think outside the square’ culture and prides itself on encouraging safe operations and high productivity without bureaucracy.